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Infinite Technology ∞ is a non-profit based, non-commercial open-source software foundation established in 2018.

Our mission is to streamline Web and Mobile app development by standardizing and systemizing the primary infrastructure components:


Our projects are hosted in Bintray Maven Repository and are publicly available via Bintray JCenter.

Our projects form the Infinite Project Stack, synergistically supplementing each other into a functional vertical raising from lower-level components (compile-time AST transformations) to enterprise solutions (Messaging, Service Transformation Layer, API Security).


Misc commons/utilities/tools, specifically notable for Marker functionality, automatically showing line numbers of code during runtime.


Revolutionary high-performance Groovy/Java Slf4j logger.

Bobbin is a high-performance Groovy Slf4j-compatible logger designed for multi-threaded applications (especially those with persistent threads like batch and messaging applications).

Bobbin leverages the concept of Logback/Log4j2 sifting appenders while providing much more easier configuration using native Groovy/Java scripting expressions.


Parameterized Groovy AST method Transformer.

Carburetor provides a foundation for other libraries to automatically generate Groovy Semantic handling code based on Carburetor configuration and inject it into User code during the Compilation stage resulting in a possibility to intercept and interact with application run-time events including their corresponding compile-time metadata (class name, method name, line start, line end, column start, column end, ASTNode class name).


Logging code automation solution.

BlackBox is a solution to automatically generate Groovy Semantic logging code and inject it into User code during the Compilation stage resulting in a possibility to produce and review exhaustive application runtime data in a form of log files with structure based on simplified Groovy AST class model.


An end-user server application (HTTP Message Broker) designed for distribution of text messages in HTTP format.

Pigeon is capable to: