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Infinite Technology ∞ is a non-profit based, non-commercial open-source software foundation established in 2018.

Our mission is to streamline Web and Mobile app development by standardizing and systemizing the primary infrastructure components:

In addition to that we are proud to be Bronze Sponsor of Apache Groovy Open Collective.


Our cloud-native products are deployed on highly reliable Heroku/AWS infrastructure.

COBOL to XML Online

Online COBOL data file to XML converter.

Convert COBOL data file online to XML using copybook.


Convert file from any character encoding to any other character encoding.


Universal online JSON analytics.


Ascend is a SECaaS (Security as a Service) platform focused on Web Access Control.


Our projects are hosted in Bintray Maven Repository and are publicly available via Bintray JCenter.

Our projects form the Infinite Project Stack, synergistically supplementing each other into a functional vertical raising from lower-level components (compile-time AST transformations) to enterprise solutions (Messaging, Service Transformation Layer, API Security).


Misc commons/utilities/tools, specifically notable for Marker functionality, automatically showing line numbers of code during runtime.


Revolutionary high-performance Groovy/Java Slf4j logger.

Bobbin is a high-performance Groovy Slf4j-compatible logger designed for multi-threaded applications (especially those with persistent threads like batch and messaging applications).

Bobbin leverages the concept of Logback/Log4j2 sifting appenders while providing much more easier configuration using native Groovy/Java scripting expressions.


Parameterized Groovy AST method Transformer.

Carburetor provides a foundation for other libraries to automatically generate Groovy Semantic handling code based on Carburetor configuration and inject it into User code during the Compilation stage resulting in a possibility to intercept and interact with application run-time events including their corresponding compile-time metadata (class name, method name, line start, line end, column start, column end, ASTNode class name).


Logging code automation solution.

BlackBox is a solution to automatically generate Groovy Semantic logging code and inject it into User code during the Compilation stage resulting in a possibility to produce and review exhaustive application runtime data in a form of log files with structure based on simplified Groovy AST class model.


An end-user server application (HTTP Message Broker) designed for distribution of text messages in HTTP format.

Pigeon is capable to: