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Infinite Technology ∞ Ascend 🚀

In short

Ascend is a SECaaS (Security as a Service) platform focused on Web Access Control.

Ascend quickly integrates into your ecosystem and allows to:

Planned launch: 2020 Q1.

Ascend Login Use Case


Both rules below apply at the same time.

Per granted authorization

When user enters their credentials - they are authenticated and the Access Authorization is granted.


Per validated authorization

When user tries to access your secured resource, Ascend will validate their Access Authorization.



Ascend is a revolutionary Web Security framework, built on top of JWT specifications.

Ascend JWT represents an ACID-compliant Authorization transaction, containing sufficient information for validation of an HTTP request.

No longer the Authorization Header has only Authentication or partial Authorization data - with Ascend it is what it was intended to be - an authorization.

Ascend provides: