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Infinite Technology ∞ David 🤖

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!


David is a ready-to-deploy archetype Telegram Chat Bot App, extendable with a user-defined plugins.

In short

It takes only few clicks to deploy David - and you have a functioning (yet empty) chat bot.

Now you can develop your business functionality using David Plugins - each one representing a command.

The changes you do in the Plugins reflect in the chat immediately - you don’t need to re-deploy or restart David.

This saves a lot of time and makes development more visualized.

David comes pre-packaged and pre-configured to address typical use cases.


David provides the following features:


Technology stack

Try David now!

We have deployed a David Demo Bot repository is as a Heroku app (david-demo).

Just talk to him in Telegram: @david_demo_bot!

Or fork the repository and deploy straight to Heroku!