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Misc commons/utilities/tools

Release info:

Attribute\Release type Latest Stable
Version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT 1.1.x
Branch master SUPPLIES_1_1_X
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❇ Supplies are available both in JCenter and Maven Central repositories.


    compile "io.i-t:supplies:1.1.9"


❗ Note that there is no <type>pom</type>



Caches the initialization of annotated field.
Cache is on class level (cache is static and shared across all instances).
Setting cached field reference to different object does not affect other users of this cached field.
Field should not be static. This is an eager cache. Polymorphism is not supported - cache is global per class hierarchy.
Example usage:

       File fileField = new File("./readme.txt")

Is transformed to:

       static ClosureCacheMap closureCacheMap = new ClosureCacheMap()
       File fileField = closureCacheMap.passThrough('fileField', {
           new File("./readme.txt")
       }, this)


❗ Since 1.1.0

Constructor call:

       new Marker()

Is automatically transformed (by global AST Transformation “MarkerTransformation”) to:

       new Marker([lineNumber], [lastLineNumber], [columnNumber], [lastColumnNumber], [className], [sourceUnitName])

Try it now!

Just run in the Groovy Console (requires Groovy 2.5.4):

import java.util.UUID

class TryMe {

    final String cachedField = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
    void tryMe() {
        println(toString() + ":" + cachedField + ":" + new Marker())


new TryMe().tryMe()
new TryMe().tryMe()


TryMe@a294eb:ba2a0eb9-1210-467e-9c03-1199e69f4e30:Marker: className=TryMe, lineNumber=12, columnNumber=56, sourceUnitName=ConsoleScript5
TryMe@554d0f4:ba2a0eb9-1210-467e-9c03-1199e69f4e30:Marker: className=TryMe, lineNumber=12, columnNumber=56, sourceUnitName=ConsoleScript5